1. Select service type: Choose the type of business you like to place an order from, i.e. From “FOOD, “ALCOHOL”, “GROCERIES” etc.
  2. Search: Enables you to auto search your area by name/zip codes.
  3. Sponsored business: Helps you to choose from sponsored business easily with doing a search.
  4. User settings: Manage your users account changes password is that easy with user settings option.
  • Start Order: Let’s you to start placing new orders from the settings tab.
  • My Profile: Benefits you to do the new signup, or to do the login with the Facebook account.
  • My Order: Enables you to check for your past order history.
  • Add Card: Helps you to add/save your card details, or to edit it.
  • Settings- It helps you to do the normal settings for notification preferences.
  1. Easy business listing: It shows you all business with details, as per your location search results in a synchronized way.
  2. Business info: It helps you check for the categories, and items the business have, also the minimum purchase amount to place an order along with the delivery charges per KM.
  3. Show business with logo & banner: It facilities you to show your customers the business name along with the logo and banner images.
  4. Open/closed business: It makes you easy to show the open/close business to place an order.
  5. Business rating: Allows you check & order from the best-rated business among all business listed.
  1. Business menu with price & Image: Shows you the business menu with price and images to add it to your cart.
  2. Select Category & Product- Allows you to select any products with categories.
  3. Select your toppings: Enables your users to add toppings or add-on options for any product.
  4. Multi-View Product images: It helps you to view several images of a product before adding it to your cart.
  5. Business Info: Allows you check details about the business, its location & operational hours.
  6. Opening/Closing hours: It enables you to check for the business opening & closing hours, so it can help you know when to place the order.
  7. Menu hours: Shows you the business menu opening hours, i.e. it helps you to check for the business menu opening/closing time.
  8. Contact: Let’s you know the contact details for any business for any further queries.
  9. Cuisines: Shows you all of the cuisines a business have, to let you decide if choose or place any order from.
  10. Email: Allows you to show your business email, to contact.
  • Photo- All of your business product images can be easily viewed by your users from here.
  • Review: Customers can put any reviews or even can check for any existing customer’s reviews for any particular business from here.
  • Offers: Allows your customers to check for any offer or discounts given by any business to avail.
  • Add to cart: It helps you to add your products to your cart easily.
  • View cart details- Enables you to check the items that are added to your cart quickly.
  1. Edit order: You can change the order quantity, or even can replace it with other items easily.
  2. Easy product remove: You can remove your cart items to reduce the value or to add any new smoothly.
  3. Cancel Order on the cart: Enables you to cancel your order added to cart with a single click.
  4. Place the order: After you’re satisfied with your items added to the cart, you can place an order from here, to proceed to the checkout page effortlessly.
  1. Order history: Helps you to check for your complete order history along with the price and & charges along with the business name.
  2. Delivery address details: You can put your delivery address details, to where you need to have the delivery, or if you are an existing user, you can change the delivery address to deliver it to some other location.
  3. Payment method: Flexible choosing your suitable payment methods, to make the payment for your order.
  4. Tips for the driver: Helps you to charge your users for a driver tip in percentage on total order value if that is required.
  1. Order no: Its shows your place order no to do tracking later, or to check the status.
  2. Business contact details: Helps you to know the business contact no, in case if any disputes caused.