The user can quickly make a registration, with Facebook or by using his email address within seconds, Or can log into his/her account to place an order.(Systems helps to save your details for future ordering, once registered)

You can select your preferred language to browse the website comfortably.

Make a search for your neighborhood business, by just using your zip code and the system with show you the related address in the dropdown to select and proceed without typing your entire address to place an order.


Get the best access to check all of your most popular business from our “Most popular option”; also your user can select a business from the list to get the direct access to place an order within making a search, in less time.

Placing an order has now been more easier, with our “Browse per city” option, as you can easily place an order, by just selecting your city name, and the system will show you all of the related business names that offer services for that location, and then by selecting a business you can proceed to place an order by spending less effort & time.

Manageable choosing of your delivery preferences, this option allows you choose between “Delivery” And “Pickup” for your order, and you can also make changes on the checkout pages if required.

Using this option you can easily check for all “Open” & “Closed” business to make an order.

It allows easy access to filter business by cuisines.

Helps to make a search for business by categories, that means you can select any category to check all of the related business who are having those categories to allow placing an order.

It gives you the benefit to make a search for business who has higher customers


It helps you to get all the details about the business easily. Also, helps to know about:

  • Address of the business.
  • Opening Hours, of the business, i.e. it’s opening and closing hours.
  • Contact information, with an email address and phone numbers.
  • Cuisines the business has got.
  • As well as the menu hours, i.e. it helps you to check for the menus the business has got to place an order from.

From here, it allows you to add the business as you’re favorite.

It helps the user to check for the exact business location on the map with the correct address.

Helps you to pick items by category, i.e. Choosing any category, the system will show you all of the related items it has got.

Amazing feature, which allows you to check for the product description with multiple images before placing an order.

It enables you to check for multiple images for a single product.

Helps you to select any toppings or add-ons for a single item, i.e. selecting for any size, types, quantity, volume, etc.


It helps you to create or login to your existing account within a fraction of seconds, enabling you to make an order by wasting less time.

You can edit your registered address, and place an order for any other address as per your choice.

You can check for your present order history quickly.