Is this Effortless login/signup with Facebook & Google?

The user can quickly make a registration, with Facebook or by using his email address within seconds, Or can log into his/her account to place an order. Systems helps to save your details for future ordering, once registered.

Why is Dashboard powerful?

Ordering System introduces a very powerful dashboard features. Designed in its exclusive style our best and world-class quality dashboard features help to manage your business in an efficient manner. The things which make our dashboard powerful are:-

1) Delivery – Now delivery can be created for business in two different ways

  • Delivery by zone– Delivery will take place in the areas within that zone.
  • Delivery by Kms – Here you can mark the area within kms within which your business needs to deliver.

2) Offers– Dashboard features include exclusive offers for the business which include:

  • Automatic Discount –
  • Discount Code

3) Multi-Language – Here businesses can choose languages under multi-language feature. It is divided into three types:-

  • Language Settings
  • Admin Language
  • Front Language

Languages in Ordering System can be changed accordingly without changing the codes.

4) Reviews Manager– Under this option, you can view the total amount of customer reviews or the stars received by your businesses.

5) Statistics- You can view the total statistics of your business which includes

6) Business Type- Now creates as many types of businesses as many you feel like.

This is our best features which make our Dashboard powerful.

Does the script have the printing option?

Yes, we do have a printing option for our users. We support GPRS/SMS printer to receive orders.

Can I pay monthly?

Sorry, we do not have a monthly payment facility till now. You need to make an early payment.

Will there be any installation fee?

No, we do not have any installation fee. It is totally free of cost.

Apart from the package price, is there any additional fees monthly/year?

No, We don’t have any fees or hidden charges.

Can I host the system on our own server?

Yes, you can take our self-hosting extension from our “Optional Add-on portal”.

After purchase, when can I expect to get my system?

In less than 48 hours.

Is the system downloadable to check and test?

No, but you test our live demos to make a test.

Do you offer any trial periods?

Nope. But our packages include 15 days money back policy.

Is it possible to do any coding changes in your system?

Yes, that is 100% possible, using your FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Do you provide any customization?

Yes, we do have our own in-house customization workplace to help you fulfil all your needs, at a very affordable price.

Do I need to be an IT expert to use your system?

Nope, our system is 100% user-friendly and doesn’t require a coding knowledge to operate it.

Is the system user friendly?

Yes, to 200% 🙂

What are the payment gateways your system supports?

COD, Credit/Debit card on delivery etc.

How often you provide updates?

Approx 5-8 updates annually.

(***Note: Updates means adding any new features, I.e. 1 update=1 feature)

What makes your system the best from others?

We have created the script using the best language i.e. in “Angular js”, apart from this; we do have our own customization workplace to fulfill all your small/big wishes, under the best expert guidance.

Will I get any assistance/help to setup my system?

Yes, we will provide you will all of the support & help needed for FREE until you launch your business online.

Can I use your System & app’s on our own brand name?

Yes, you can get the extension for that from our “Optional Add-on portal”.

How can I Connect my existing business with your system?

You can do that, using your admin dashboard, and we do offer a CSV file format to upload your business details along with the items in bulk quantity.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can and you just have to pay just the difference in amounts.

Do you offer one-time open source packages?

No, we don’t.

If you change your pricing later, will it effect on our subscription amount?


Do you charge any commission on orders?


Can I use my own domain, or you’ll provide?

Yes, you can use your own domain.