• Email- Need to enter drivers email id.
  • Password- Needs to enter driver password for login.

a)    Active Orders:
• Under active orders, the user can view the name of the restaurant.
• The address of the restaurant.
• The driver status.
• Order id, Date and time of the order
• The total amount of the order.
b)    Today:
• Under today section all the orders placed today can be viewed.
c)    Show all:
• Under this section, all the orders including the past and the current orders are displayed to the user.

This page displays the total details of an order placed. It includes

  • Name of the restaurant
  • Total address of the restaurant.
  • Name, address and the email id of the user/customer.
  • Ordered product details with price.
  • Sub- total of the products.
  • Whether or not tax is included in the products.
  • Total amount-Displays the total amount for all the products.
  • Accept/Reject option for the driver- In this section, the driver can accept /reject the order.
  • Comments: In this section, the driver can give their comments on acceptance.
  • Delivery Time: Driver can enter the minimum delivery time they need to deliver the goods.
  • Order id – It shows the order id.
  • Name and address of the restaurant.
  • Name and the address of the user.
  • The products and the price of each product can be viewed.
  • The sub-total amount of all the products the tax and the total amount.
  • Date and time of the order acceptance.
  • Name and the address of the restaurant.
  • Name address and the status of the order along with the date and time.
  • The products ordered
  • The price of each product.
  • The sub-total price, the tax, and the total price.
  • Here the driver can give comments on why the order is rejected.
  • And also there is an option of reject order.
  • Here the user can view the location of the driver, or at what distance is the driver from its destination.