Don’t think twice when you see this best features simply avail ordering system to launch your business online.

Menu Builder

Things go better when you can build your own menus for your businesses. Now with ordering system build your own preferable menus and add products to it with suitable timings. Try Menu builder with ordering system you will like it.

100% Own Branding

Branding according to your choice can be the best. 100% own branding facility available with ordering system, with full support and expert services from our excellent group of developers available for you 24*7.

No Commission

Ordering System comes to you with a no commission facility and very cost-effective pricing facilities for all its support services.

Social Media Integration

Ordering System has a very responsive and fast spreading social media integration to reach out to its prospective clients and make its customers aware of the service it provides to the businesses.

Powerful Dashboard

Ordering System introduces a world-class quality dashboard with its efficient and exclusive features. None but the best of the features are included in ordering system dashboard which makes it powerful and useful for all its businesses.

Customer own Database

Ordering System helps its user to get access to all the information in databases. User can access the data’s in many ways with ordering System.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Ordering System helps make payment easy and flexible for your businesses. Now help your customers make their payments through multiple payment gateways.

Featured business

Ordering System introduces the option for featured business. Now ordering system users can distinguish their business from all the business in accordance with their distinctive features which are different from the other businesses.

POS Printer Integration

Ordering System always there for you. Now easily print your receipts and orders with Ordering Systems POS printer integration and help your restaurants to fulfill their orders easily.

GPRS printer integration

One of the amazing features from ordering system GPRS printer integration can automatically update its users whether a particular order is accepted or cancelled by the restaurant. As soon as the orders is received the printer gives out a beep sound showing an order is received, in that case the business confirms or rejects the order just by pressing a button.

Multi-type business

With Ordering System now users can create multi type business according to their choice and needs. Any kind of on-demand business be it the restaurant to laundry from shoes to cosmetics any kind of business can be created with Ordering System.

Device friendly interface

Simple to handle easy to use ordering system it totally device friendly for its users. It has very device friendly interface and is very lucid.

Multilingual Support

Whoever or from wherever or however you interact, ordering system is there for you with all your most commonly used and easy to understand languages for all its users. Now users can avail ordering system benefits for their businesses in all their most preferred languages.

Real Time Analysis

With this exclusive feature from ordering system analytics can be accessed as they come into the system data’s can be sorted out and valuable information can be collected.

Discount Management

Now easily manage the discounts of the businesses. Set discounts and offers for your customers, through various discount management options with ordering system.

Delivery Zone by Map

Create your own delivery through delivery zone by map for your businesses by creating a polygon in the map which symbolizes that delivery of that particular business will only take place within that zone in the map. In this way its simple and easy to understand at which particular place the business can do their delivery.

Tookan integration for delivery

This feature from ordering system can help to get an access to the exact location of the driver from the point of the restaurant to the customer’s place. This helps the customers to know where exactly the driver is and at what time the goods will get delivered at the customer’s place.

Unlimited Cuisine Settings

With ordering system features, you can add unlimited cuisines for your business as per the choice and the needs of the customers, and satisfy your customers up to the best.

Multiple order type

Ordering System introduces Delivery, Pick Up and Dine-In features through which user can create the delivery for all its business or can provide their customers the facility to pick up their food or they can also book their tables at restaurants for a fantastic dining experience.

Face book Ordering

Ordering system brings to you the best features and easy to opt facilities. Now ordering system helps you to place orders from face book too.

Push Notifications

Ordering System comes to you also in mobile app versions. Now you can get push notifications as soon as you download our app. No need to be in our app or use the devices we keep you informed about our latest app updates through push notifications.

Loyalty Programs

Now give rewards to your customers who frequently make their purchases. It is a special feature introduced by ordering system to encourage your customer sales by rewarding them with coupons and discounts to make them a happy customer for all their purchases made.

Group Ordering

Ordering system helps its customers to place their orders in groups. Now let your customers create groups among themselves and place their orders in accordance with their choices.

Reorder Features

Ordering helps its businesses business to accept reorder for any particular good or services. It’s Optional in the admin section. if turned on the business can accept recorder for their goods and services.

Create orders from admin

Ordering system helps to create orders even from the admin section for the flexible operation of its businesses.

Reservation System

Ordering System has got a fantastic feature in which reservation for a particular table in any restaurant can be done by the customer.